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101 Strings Endless Opportunities
A.C. Reed / Big Wheeler;Big Wheeler;A. C. Reed Chicago Blues Session Volume 14
Al Broussard New Orleans Piano - 711 Bourbon Street
Al Cook The Barrelhouse Man
Al Cook Victrola Blues
Al Cook Al Cook - 50th Anniversary Birthday Album
Al Cook Mississippi 1930 - A Fictional Journey To The Land Where The Blues Began
Al Cook Pioneer And Legend
Al Cook ft. Charlie Lloyd & Harry Hudson Down in Boogie Alley
Al Cook;Al Cook/Karin Daym;Al Cook/Kathie Kern;Al Cook/Rev. Frank TT;Al Cook/Charlie Lloyd;Al Cook/Stephan Rausch The Country Blues
Alabama Jr. Pettis & The Teardrops;Alabama Jr. Pettis Chicago Blues Session Vol. 4
Alabama Red Windy City Blues
Albert King Riding Tunes
Albert King Rainin' In California
Alexander's Timeless Bloozband For Sale
Alexis Korner The Lost Album
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated At The Cavern
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated Red Hot From Alex
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated Back to the Future
Alfredo Garcia-Navas Back in Blues
Amos Milburn Gleamy and Glow
andy recT Compile Vintage
Andy recT Ma quête
Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band Think
Anna Marucha & The Taxi Blues Band Taxi Blue
Ansambel Uroša Lajevca Petite fleur
Ansbert Rodeck musician
Anton Åberg Heritage EP
Arena studio;Arena Studio 12 bar blues in G jam track
Arhiv;Various Artists;Blue Family;Bar Blues Band;Jelena Popin Band;Di Luna Blues Band;Pera Joe Blues Explosion;William Boyd;Blues Quintet;Blue Bird;Point Blank;Zona B;Fathers&Sons;After Midnight Band;Chees Blues Band;Strip Blues Band;Blues vremeplov;Luba Blues Band;Bootleg Blues BGB Blues Arhiv...neobjavljeni snimci 1981-2011
Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup The Very Best Songs
B.B. King Unchained Melody Vol. 3
B.B. King A Delicate Dance
B.B. King Unchained Melody Vol. 1
B.B. King Different
B.B. King Flowers In Heaven
B.B. King Relax with
B.B. King Blues Party Vol. 3
B.B. King Best Blues Vol. 1
B.B. King Veil Of Haze
B.B. King Mysterious Vol. 2
B.B. King Best Blues Vol. 5
B.B. King Paris In Love
B.B. King Driving Under the Moon
B.B. King The Very Shiny Edition
B.B. King New York City Tunes
B.B. King Mysterious Vol. 1
B.B. King Auditory Arrangement
B.B. King Blues Party Vol. 4
B.B. King Mysterious Vol. 4
B.B. King Lets play again
B.B. King Feel Freely
B.B. King My Old Coffee Music
B.B. King Best Blues Vol. 4
B.B. King Unchained Melody Vol. 4
B.B. King Records For You
B.B. King Love Time Edition
B.B. King Afternoon Tunes
B.B. King Warble Away
B.B. King Best Blues Vol. 3
B.B. King You Done Lost (1951-1960)
B.B. King Blues Party Vol. 5
B.B. King Blues Party Vol. 2
B.B. King Around the Clock With
B.B. King Spring Feelings
B.B. King Get Lucky Now
B.B. King Water Way Pray
B.B. King Ski Sensation
B.B. King Balmy Breeze Vol. 4
B.B. King Beautiful Venice
B.B. King Diamonds Forever
B.B. King Happy New Year 2014
B.B. King Diva‘s Edition
B.B. King Unchained Melody Vol. 2
B.B. King Saturdays Vol 1
B.B. King Balmy Breeze Vol. 1
B.B. King Relaxing Collection
B.B. King Saturdays Vol 5
B.B. King Unchained Melody Vol. 5
B.B. King Mysterious Vol. 5
B.B. King Best Blues Vol. 2
B.B. King Saturdays Vol 4
B.B. King Balmy Breeze Vol. 3
B.B. King Balmy Breeze Vol. 2
B.B. King Pathless But Impressive
B.B. King Enjoy Your Free Time With
B.B. King Saturdays Vol 2
B.B. King Mysterious Vol. 3
B.B. King Blues Party Vol. 1
B.B. King The Sky High Edition
B.B.King Sweet Angel
Balázs Póka From Blues To Opera
Bea and Baby Records (Various Artists);Eddie Boyd;Andrew McMahon;Detroid Jr.;Sunnyland Slim;Little Mack Simmons;Lee Jackson;Arelean Brown;L.C. McKinley;Clyde Lasley Bea & Baby Records - The Best of Chicago Blues Vol. 2
Bea and Baby Records (Various Artists);Homesick James;Earl Hooker;Eddie Boyd;Sunnyland Slim;Willie Williams;Andrew McMahon;Hound Dog Taylor;Little Mack Simmons;James Cotton;Bobby Saxton;L.C. Mc. Kinley Bea & Baby Records - The Best of Chicago Blues Vol. 1
Bea and Baby Records (Various Artists);Little Mac Simmons;Eddie Boyd;Willie Williams;Tall Paul Hankins;Menard Rogers;Cadillac Baby;Willie Hudson;Sunnyland Slim;Singin Sam;John Littlejohn Bea & Baby Records - The Best of Chicago Blues Vol. 3
Benedikt Joseph / Johanna Schenk / Klaus Habison / Maria Schröer;Johanna Schenk;Benedikt Joseph;Klaus Habison;Maria Schröer Light
Big Bag Of Blues III
Big Bill Broonzy The Hip Star
Big Bill Broonzy Big Bill Blues: His 23 Greatest Songs 1927-1942
Big Bill Broonzy Best of Blues 2 Big Bill Broonzy
Big Golden Wheeler;Golden Wheeler;Sonny Boy Williamson Big Golden Wheeler - TURN MY LIFE AROUND
Big Joe Duskin Down The Road A Piece: Live In Vienna 1982
Big Joe Williams Shake Your Boogie
Big Joe Williams Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don´t Go
Big Maceo Poor Kelly
Bill "Jazz" Gillum Bill "Jazz" Gillum 1938 - 1949
Billie Holiday Billie´s Blues
Billie Holiday/Billy Lee Riley/Lionel Hampton;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 10
Billie Holiday/Billy Lee Riley/Lionel Hampton;Lionel Hampton;Billy Lee Riley;Billie Holiday Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 1
Billy Boy Arnold feat. Tony McPhee / Groundhogs Dirty mother
Blind Blake The Best Of Blind Blake
Blind Boy Fuller Greatest Hits 1935-1938 (HD Remastered)
Blind Boy Fuller Blind Boy Fuller 1935 - 1940
Blind Lemon Jefferson The Best Of Blind Lemon Jefferson
Blind Willie McTell Blind Willie McTell 1927-1949
Blind Willie McTell Broke Down Engine Blues
Blue Coltrane Messin´with the Blues
Blues Company Melegfront
Blues Company Magyarország - Motorország
Blues Company Húsz év az úton
Blues Company Hajrá magyarok!
Blues Company Terápia
Blues Company Kispirics
Blues Company Barmok bolygója
Blues Company 2003
Blues trio The Smallest Trio in the World
Bluesmopolitans ois durchanaund
Bluesmopolitans Bluesmopolitans
Bluespumpm Dirty Dozen
Bluespumpm;Bluespumpm / Mick Taylor Dirty Thirty Open Hearts
Bo Aose Band (BAB) Gränslös Blues
Bo Aose Band (BAB);Bo Aose Band Ballader & Blues
Bo Diddley Dancing Girl
Bobby Bare / Bill Parsons In Chronology 1956-1961 (HD Remastered)
Bobby Bland Popular Culture
Bobby Bland Two Steps From The Blues
Bobby Bland Sound and Vision
Bobby Grant / Rube Lacy / Willie Brown / Son House / King Solomon Hill / John Henry Narbee;Bobby Grant;Son House;John Henry Barbee;Rube Lacy;King Solomon Hill;Willie Brown Giants
Bonnie Lee / Magic Slim / John Primer / Nick Holt Hooked On Blues
Bonnie Lee / Zora Young / Melvina Allen / Karen Carroll / Deitra Farr / Mary Lane;Deitra Farr;Mary Lane;Zora Young;Melvina Allen;Bonnie Lee;Karen Carroll Chicago's Finest Blues Ladies
Bonnie Lee;Bonnie lee;bonnie lee I'm Good
Booker T.Laury Blues On The Prowl
Boston Blackie & Otis 'Big Smokey' Smothers Abc Blues
Bottle Up & Go Baby´s Back In Town
Brewer Phillips;Robert Johnson;John Lee Hooker;Little Walter;Jimmy Rogers;Jimmy Reed;J. B. Lenoir Good Houserockin'
Brownie McGhee Traditional Blues Vol. 2 (HD Remastered)
Brownie McGhee Traditional Blues Vol. 1 (HD Remastered)
Brownie McGhee / Sonny Terry Down Home Blues (HD Remastered)
Brownsville Son Bonds/ Charlie Pickett;Brownsville Son Bonds;Charlie Pickett "Brownsville" Son Bonds/ Charlie Pickett
Browny High Wo iss mei Deggel
Buddy Moss Atlanta Blues
Bumble Bee Slim Bumble Bee Slim 1934 -1937
Calvin Owens;Calvin Owens feat. Otis Clay;Calvin Owens feat. David Fathead Newman;Calvin Owens feat. Archie Bell;Calvin Owens feat. Jimmy Heath;Calvin Owens feat. Ruby Wilson;Calvin Owens feat. Shelly Carrol That's your Booty
Carl Martin/ Brownie McGhee;Brownie McGhee Carolina Blues
Carl Michaels;Antonio Koudele;Rena Mason;The Chevrons;Antonioi Koudele;Kurt Werner Viedebantt;Mark Barns Friends of Art - Young at Heart
Catch the Fall Songs in suburbish
CeDell Davis / Herman Alexander;CeDell Davis;Herman Alexander Highway 61 - CeDell Davis / Herman Alexander
Champion Jack Dupree Take a Coffee Break
Champion Jack Dupree The Women Blues Of Champion Jack Dupree (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree Champion Jack Dupree (1940-1950)
Champion Jack Dupree Trouble Trouble, Plays And Sings The Blues (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree The Best Of The Blues (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree Color Blocking
Champion Jack Dupree Old Time R And B Hits, 1951-1957 (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree Natural and Soulful Blues (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree Champion Of The Blues (HD Remastered)
Champion Jack Dupree & Tony McPhee;Champion Jack Dupree / Tony McPhee Blue Horizon Sessions 1967
Charles Davenport Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport 1926-1938
Charley Jordan, Henry Townsend and Hernry Spaulding;Charley Jordan St. Louis Blues
Charley Patton Charley Patton 1929-1934
Charley Patton Pony Blues
Chet Atkins Popular Culture
Chris Spieß Chris Spieß
Christian Dozzler and the Blues Wave Take it Easy
Christian Dozzler and the Blues Wave Smile Awhile
Christian Dozzler and the Blues Wave Perfect Day
Chuck Willis Smooth
Clarence Edwards;Oscar Davis Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 4
Clarence Gatemouth Brown Original Peacock Recordings (HD Remastered)
Cookie McGee;Cookie Mc ee One Way Ticket
Cub Koda & The Houserockers Live At B.L.U.E.S. 1982
D. D. Kid Combo Bad Luck Baby
DaLenz Ka Zeid
Dan Burley Dan Burley - South Side Shake
Dana Gillespie These Blue Nights
Dana Gillespie Blue One
Dana Gillespie Back To The Blues
Dana Gillespie Have I Got Blues For You
Dana Gillespie & Al Cook and his Original Al Cook Band Take It Off Slowly
Dana Gillespie / Joachim Palden Boogie Woogie Nights
Dana Gillespie/Joachim Palden Big Boy
Daniel Becker Songs of Wisdom
Daniel Becker and The Saggin' Chipmunks current state
Danielle Spera Der Tiergarten reisst aus
Doctor K's Blues Band Doctor K's Blues Band
Dr. Truth Code For The Road
Easy Baby If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another - Easy Baby
Eddie "Vaan" Shaw Give Me Time
Eddie Clearwater / Sunnyland Slim / Eddie Boyd;Eddie Clearwater;Sy Perry;Little Mac Simmons;Little Wolf Jr.;Wilbur "Hi Fi" White;Jump Jackson;Eddie Boyd;Sunnyland Slim The La Salle Volume 2
Eddie Cusic Leland Mississippi Blues
Eddie Shaw Home Alone
Eddie Shaw Too Many Highways
Eddie Shaw & The Wolf Gang;Eddie Shaw The Blues Is Good News
Eddie Taylor Bad Boy
Eddie Taylor Jr. Worried About My Baby
Eddie Taylor Jr. Stop Breaking Down
Eddie Taylor Jr. So Called Friends
Eddie Taylor Jr. Mind Game
Eddie Taylor Jr. I Got To Make This Money, Baby
Eddie Taylor Jr. / Harmonica Hinds / Tre From The Country To The City
Eddie Vaan Shaw Morning Rain
Eddie Vaan Shaw The Trail Of Tears - Eddie Vaan Shaw
Eddy Clearwater / Carey Bell;Eddy Clearwater;Carey Bell Chicago Blues Session Volume 23
Eddy Clearwater;Eddie Clearwater;Eddie Clearwater / Leroy Brown Chicago Daily Blues - Eddy Clearwater
Edward Taylor;Eddie Taylor Jr. A Tribute To Eddie Taylor - Lookin' For Trouble
Electric Blues Connection Life Slips Away
Elmore James Some Winter Dreams
Elmore James Afternoon Tunes
Elmore James Rare Retro Sounds
Elmore James Jr. Baby Please Set A Date
Elmore James Jr. Old School Lover
Emile den Tex Tex-A-Go at the Taverne
Eric Kern Synphosession
Erik Trauner Up Slide Down
Erin Byrne;Erin Byrne / Melanie Blizard / Jayne Plumridge Burn'n the Blues
Ernie K-Doe Smooth
Errol Dixon Midnight Train
Erwin Fliegel Jun. Der Badeschlappenblues
Famous Hokum Boys Famous Hokum Boys Volume 1 1930
Famous Hokum Boys Famous Hokum Boys Volume 2 1930 - 1931
Fats Domino Popular Culture
Frank Edwards Georgia Country Blues
Fred Neil The Other Side Of Fred Neil: His Early Singles
Fred Neil Listen Kitten
Freddie King Put Your Focus On
Freddie King Colorbomb
Freddie King Catchy Music
Freddie King / Freddy King;Freddy King;Freddie King Popular Culture
Freddy King Key To The Highway
Freddy King Opulent Event
Freddy King Some Winter Dreams
Freddy King Afternoon Tunes
Freddy King Let The Good Times Roll
Freddy Stauber Lugoj Blues
Fresh Karaoke Top Gospel Songs Karaoke
Furry Lewis / Landers Waller / Charles Jackson;Furry Lewis Furry Lewis - His Best 22 Recordings
Gene Campbell/ Alex Moore/ Blind Norris/ Black Ivory King/ Henry Thomas;Henry Thomas Texas Blues 1927 - 1937
George Baicea Vintage Stories
Golden Gate Quartet Travellin' Shoes Vol. 2
Golden Gate Quartet Travellin' Shoes Vol. 1
Greg Copeland & Martin Messing;Greg Copeland & Martin Messsing Deep Down South, An Acoustic Journey To The Blues
Guitar Nubbit / Alabama Watson;Alabama Hibert Watson;Guitar Nubbit Bluestown Story Volume 1
Guy Angier Crucified in the heart
Guy Angier Belong to the blue
Guy Angier Vein of gold
Guy Angier Don't try to run
Guy Angier Heaven will hear
Hans Theessink Songs from the Southland
Hans Theessink Titanic
Hans Theessink Homecooking - Song Cooking Best Of Songs
Hans Theessink Crazy Moon
Hans Theessink Homecooking - Blues Cooking Best Of Blues
Hans Theessink Birthday Bash
Hans Theessink Homecooking - Live Cooking Best Of Live
Hans Theessink Wishing Well
Hans Theessink Lifeline
Hans Theessink Bridges
Hans Theessink Slow Train
Hans Theessink Jedermann Remixed - The Soundtrack
Hans Theessink Journey On
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans True & Blue
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans Visions
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans Delta Time
HANS THEESSINK / Champagne Charlie / Willi Resetarits / Ernst Molden / Schiffkowitz / Meena Cryle / Knud Møller;Hans Theessink / Champagne Charlie / Willi Resetarits / Meena Cryle / Knud Møller;Hans Theessink / Meena Cryle /;Willi Resetarits;Hans Theessink / Willi Resetarits / Ernst Molden /;Hans Theessink;Hans Theessink / Champagne Charlie / Meena Cryle /;Hans Theessink / Meena Cryle /;Hans Theessink / Meena Cryle / Knud Møller;Champagne Charl 65 Birthday Bash
Hans Theessink;Hans Theesink Baby wants to boogie
Hans Theessink;Hans Theesink Hard Road Blues
Harald Styhr Comfort in the Blues
Harmonica Hinds I'd Give You Anything If I Could
Harper Live at the Soup Kitchen
Helmut Hoeft / Helmut Jost / Gospelfire Singt ein neues Lied!
Henry Gray / Rudi Richard Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 2
Henry Lindell Night Cap
Henry Lindell Reflections
Henry Lindell Research Traveler
Henry Townsend Original St. Louis Blues Live
Henry Townsend / Piano Slim / Vernell Townsend;Henry Townsend;Piano Slim;Vernell Townsend St. Louis Blues
Homesick James Shake Your Money Maker
Homesick James / Snooky Pryor Sad And Lonesome
Homesick Mac/ Sam Mitchell Homesick Mac/ Sam Mitchell - Two Long From Home
Honeyboy Edwards / Johnny B. Moore / Eddie C. Campbell / Magic Slim / John Primer;Eddie C. Campbell;Johnny B. Moore;Honeyboy Edwards;Magic Slim;John Primer From West Helena To Chicago
Houston Stackhouse;Carey ''Ditty'' Mason;Mager Johnson Big Road Blues
Howlin' Wolf Star Awards
Howlin' Wolf Auditory Arrangement
Howlin' Wolf First Snowdrops
Howlin' Wolf Love Time Edition
Howlin' Wolf Diva‘s Edition
Howlin' Wolf Afternoon Tunes
Howlin' Wolf Diamonds Forever
Howlin' Wolf Evil
Howlin' Wolf Get Lucky Now
Howlin' Wolf Big City Sounds
Howlin' Wolf Relaxing Collection
Howlin' Wolf Spring Feelings
Howlin' Wolf Beautiful Venice
Howlin' Wolf New York City Tunes
Howlin' Wolf Moanin' in the Moonlight
Howlin' Wolf Feel Freely
Howlin` King Snake The Blues Around Here
Howlin` King Snake;HOWLIN` KING SNAKE On The Bridge To The Blues
Hubert Sumlin & Billy Branch;Hubert Sumlin;Billy Branch Chicago Blues Session Vol. 22
in the cornfields the first
Ing. Johann Lechner/Sherazade Tamzought Best day of my life
Ing. Johann Lechner/Sherazade Tamzought Amor
Ishman Bracey Ishman Bracey (1928 - 1930)
J. B. Hutto J. B. Hutto and the Houserockers Live 1977
J. B. Hutto Keeper Of The Flame
J. B. Hutto Slide Guitar Master
J. D. Short/ Henry Brown;Henry Brown;Dolly Martin;Tee McDonald St. Louis Blues 1929 - 1933
J. Monque' D Butter Churnin' Man
Jack Owens & Eugene Powell;Jack Owens & Bud Spires;Jack Owens;Eugene Powell The Last Giants Of Mississippi Blues
Jackie Wilson Teatime With
Jackie Wilson Silver Moonlight
Jackie Wilson Times Square Time with
Jackie Wilson You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet
Jackie Wilson Take a Coffee Break
Jackie Wilson Afternoon Party
Jackie Wilson / Jackie Wilson;Jackie Wilson Sings The Blues
James "Kokomo" Arnold / Gitfiddle Jim;James "Kokomo" Arnold;James "Kokomo" Arnold / Peetie Wheatstraw Kokomo Arnold - His 20 Greatest Songs
James "Yank" Rachel James "Yank" Rachel 1934 - 1938 Volume 1
James "Yank" Rachel James "Yank" Rachel 1934 - 1941 Volume 2
James Brown The Legendary Hits Collection-
James Brown Warble Away
James Cotton;James Cotton feat. Jimmy Vaughan;James Cotton feat. Ronnie Hawkins / Jimmy Vaughan;James Cotton feat. Kenny Neal;James Cotton feat. Lucky Peterson;James Cotton feat. Shemekia Copeland;James Cotton feat. Kim Wilson;James Cotton feat. Maria Muldaur;James Cotton feat. Koko Taylor;James Cotton feat. J.E. Smith;James Cotton feat. Bobby Rush 35th Anniversary Jam
Jaybird Coleman/ Ollis Martin/ George "Bullet" Williams/ Chifford Gibson;Clifford Gibson;Jaybird Coleman Alabama Blues
Jayne Plumridge / Erin Byrne / Melanie Blizard Brokendown Man
Jazz Gillum Jazz Gillum 1935 - 1946
Jesse Fuller Februar Mood
Jesse Thomas / Clifton Chenier / Big Son Tillis / D. C. Bender / Little Willie Egan / Mac Willis / George "Harmonica" Smith;Clifton Chenier;Jesse Thomas;Big Son Tillis / D. C. Bender;Mac Willis;George "Harmonica" Smith;Little Willie Egan;Big Son Tillis / "Lillian" / D. C. Bender;Beatrice Hill / J. D. Nicholson / His Jiving Five;Hollywood Flames;James Hill / J. D. Nicholson / His Jiving Five;Jesse Belvin / The Cliques Elko Blues Vol. 2
Jimmy Duck Holmes All Night Long
Jimmy Mayes All My Best
Jimmy McCracklin Sings (HD Remastered)
Jimmy McCracklin/Lowell Fulson/Ray Agee;Jimmy McCracklin;Lowell Fulson;Norman 'Slim' Green & R. Turner;Ray Agee;George 'Harmonica' Smith;Ray Agee & Wilmagene Hill;John Hogg;Goldrush;James Butler (AKA Black Diamond) Elko - Blues Vol. 3
Jimmy Reed Flowering May
Jimmy Reed Paris In Love
Jimmy Reed Driving Under the Moon
Jimmy Reed Feel Freely
Jimmy Reed Flowers In Heaven
Jimmy Reed Afternoon Tunes
Jimmy Reed Auditory Arrangement
Jimmy Reed Love Time Edition
Jimmy Reed Beautiful Venice
Jimmy Reed First Snowdrops
Jimmy Reed Diva‘s Edition
Jimmy Reed Going to New York
Jimmy Reed Warble Away
Jimmy Reed Lets play again
Jimmy Reed Relax with
Jimmy Reed Happy New Year 2014
Jimmy Reed Relaxing Collection
Jimmy Reed New York City Tunes
Jimmy Reed Different
Jimmy Reed Get Lucky Now
Jimmy Reed Enjoy Your Free Time With
Jimmy Reed Records For You
Jimmy Reed Diamonds Forever
Jimmy Reed Big City Sounds
Jimmy Rogers / Big Moose Walker Chicago Bound
Jimmy Walker Small Town Baby
Jimmy Witherspoon Popular Culture
Johan Pettersson ...and nothing more
Johan Walin Live At Antons
John Brim / Pinetop Perkins Chicago Blues Session Volume 12
John Lee Hooker Diamonds Forever
John Lee Hooker Precious
John Lee Hooker Flowering May
John Lee Hooker Mysterious
John Lee Hooker First Snowdrops
John Lee Hooker Afternoon Tunes
John Lee Hooker Different
John Lee Hooker Relax with
John Lee Hooker Whisper Noise Vol. 2
John Lee Hooker Auditory Arrangement
John Lee Hooker Relaxing Collection
John Lee Hooker Whisper Noise Vol. 1
John Lee Hooker Paris In Love
John Lee Hooker My Old Coffee Music
John Lee Hooker Popular Culture
John Lee Hooker Around the Clock With
John Lee Hooker Cheerful
John Lee Hooker Popular Culture
John Lee Hooker Feel Freely
John Lee Hooker Pretty Rainbow
John Lee Hooker Balmy Breeze Vol. 3
John Lee Hooker A Delicate Dance
John Lee Hooker Whisper Noise Vol. 4
John Lee Hooker Live in Cologne 1976
John Lee Hooker Beautiful Venice
John Lee Hooker Mad Blues Baby
John Lee Hooker Records For You
John Lee Hooker Balmy Breeze Vol. 4
John Lee Hooker Lets play again
John Lee Hooker Spring Feelings
John Lee Hooker Big City Sounds
John Lee Hooker Star Awards
John Lee Hooker Flowers In Heaven
John Lee Hooker Balmy Breeze Vol. 1
John Lee Hooker Happy New Year 2014
John Lee Hooker Balmy Breeze Vol. 2
John Lee Hooker Whisper Noise Vol. 3
John Lee Hooker Driving Under the Moon
John Lee Hooker Diva‘s Edition
John Lee Hooker / Groundhogs London Sessions 1965
John Lee Hooker / John Mayall / The Groundhogs;John Lee Hooker with John Mayall;John Lee Hooker withThe Groundhogs;John Lee Hooker with The Groundhogs First UK Tour
John Littlejohn feat. WillieKent / Taildragger;Willie Kent;John Littlejohn;Taildragger John Littlejohn's Blues Party
John Mayall A Banquet in Blues
John Primer Poor Man Blues
John Primer You Can Make It If You Try
John Primer It's A Blues Life
John Primer Cold Blooded Blues Man
John Primer Call Me John Primer
John Primer Blues Behind Closed Doors
John Primer Blue Steel: A Tribute To Elmore James
John primer & The real deal Bluesband;John Primer & The real deal Bluesband JOHN PRIMER & THE REAL DEAL BLUESBAND that will never do
John Primer & The Teardrops Easy Baby
Johnny B. Moore Lonesome Blues
Johnny B. Moore 911 Blues
Johnny B. Moore Born In Clarksdale, Mississippi
Johnny Dollar My Baby Loves Me
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson Popular Culture
Johnny Laws My little girl
Johnny Otis;Roy Milton;Little Esther Phillips;T Bone Walker / Shuggie Otis;Lowell Fulsom;Reconsider Baby;Eddie Cleanhead Vinson;Joe Turner;Charles Brown Johnny Otis Show Live in Los Angeles 1970
Johnny Shines Johnny Shines 1915-1992
Josh White Leisure Time
Joshua White Joshua White 1933 - 1941
Katarina Pejak First hand stories
Katarina Pejak Perfume & Luck
Katie Kern Blues for the Highway
Katie Webster KATIE WEBSTER - the swamp boogie queen / I'M BAD
Kid Thomas Here's My Story
Kid Thomas / Jerry McCain;Kid Thomas;Jerry McCain Rockin' Harmonica Blues Men
Kindred / Fonda / Gross Blues Trio Cold Shot
Kolker Standing on a Wire
Kurt Now
L. V. Banks Let me be your Teddy Bear
L. V. Banks Ruby
Laco Sedlák Srdce tuláka (Gypsy In His Heart)
Larry Garner / Battlerack Scatter / T Bone Singleton Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 3
Larry Taylor They Were In This House
LaVern Baker Hip Around
LaVern Baker A Playful Way
LaVern Baker LaVern Baker
LaVern Baker Cozy Like A Bear
LaVern Baker Leisure Time
LaVern Baker Enjoying The Meal
Lead Belly LEAD BELLY - Good Morning Blues
Lee Dorsey Leisure Time
Lee Dorsey Happy Hours
Leo Aberer So Low
Leroy Carr How Long How Long Blues
Lightnin' Hopkins Best of Blues 3 Lightnin' Hopkins
Lightnin' Hopkins Auditory Arrangement
Lightnin' Hopkins Popular Culture
Lightnin' Hopkins Flowering May
Lightnin' Hopkins Feel Freely
Lightnin' Hopkins New York City Tunes
Lightnin' Hopkins A Delicate Dance
Lightnin' Hopkins Time To Play Some Music
Lightnin' Hopkins Different
Lightnin' Hopkins / Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee;Lightnin' Hopkins Coffee House Blues
Lionel Hampton / Billie Holiday;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 2
Lionel Hampton/Billy Lee Riley/Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley;Billie Holiday;Lionel Hampton Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 6
Little Junior Parker Sound and Vision
Little Mack Simmons Come Back To Me Baby
Little Willie Farmer I´m coming back home
Little Willie John Happy Hours, Vol. 2
Little Willie John Happy Hours, Vol. 1
Longfield Gospel Songbook
Lottie Kimbrough/ Luella Miller/ Victoria Spivey/ Lucille Bogan/ Sippie Wallace;Sippie Wallace The Best of Country Blues Woman
Louis Armstrong Rare Masterworks
Louisiana Red The Sky Is Crying
Lucy Malheur Bad Cat Mama
Lucy Malheur Little Blue Devils
Magic Slim Tin Pan Alley
Magic Slim Rough Dried Woman
Magic Slim Alone And Unplugged
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Zoo Bar Collection Vol. 4
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Chicago Blues Session Volume 3
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Zoo Bar Collection Vol. 2
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Pure Magic
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Highway Is My Home
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Magic Blues
Magic Slim & The Teardrops 44 Blues
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Don't Tell Me About Your Troubles
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Zoo Bar Collection Vol. 3
Magic Slim & The Teardrops Live On The Road
Magic Slim / Nick Holt / John Primer / Alabama Jr. Pettis / Earl Howell Teardrops Blues Jam
Magic Slim / Nick Holt / The Teardrops You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had
Mahalia Jackson Into The Garden
Manuel Jesus lebt
Marika Ling Dirty Little Lie
Marko Tomovic Welcome To The Motörvic!
Martin Stösser Mallorca Hits 2013
Marvin Gaye Recorded Live On Stage
Mary Broadcast Band Life Is Beautiful
Matti Norlin Kitchen sink blues
Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis Maxwell Street
Maynard Silva & The New Hawks Howl At The Moon
McKenna Mendelson Mainline Stink
Melanie Blizard / Erin Byrnes One Night After The Night Before
Melanie Blizard / Howard Gillespie / Robert Harvey Sultan's of Swing
Memphis Jug Band Memphis Jug Band Associates & Alternate Takes
Memphis Minnie Memphis Minnie 1944 - 1953 Volume 3
Memphis Minnie Killer Diller Blues
Memphis Minnie The Complete Post-War Recordings In Chronological Order, Volume 2 (1946-1947)
Memphis Minnie Memphis Minnie Volume 1 The Complete Post-War Recordings In Chronological Order
Memphis Slim Memphis Slim At The Gate Of Horn (HD Remastered)
Memphis Slim Just Blues (HD Remastered)
Memphis Slim Nobody Loves Me (Everyday I Have The Blues)
Memphis Slim & Canned Heat Memphis Heat
Merline Johnson Merline Johnson "The Yas Yas Girl" 1937 - 1941
Merline Johnson Merline Johnson "The Yas Yas Girl" 1937 - 1947
Michael Coleman Back Breaking Blues
Michael Keintzel To the other side
Michael Pobisch Sunset
Mike Baer A special shade of blue
Mississippi John Hurt Worried Blues
Mississippi John Hurt;Hambone Willie Newbern;Richard "Rabbit" Brown Stack O' Lee Blues
Mose Vinson & Booker T. Laury Memphis Piano Blues Today
Muddy Shoes The Real Shuffling Hungarians
Muddy Waters Masterpiece Collection
Muddy Waters Leisure Time
Muddy Waters Opulent Event
Muddy Waters The King of Chicago Blues
Muddy Waters Cheerful
Muddy Waters Sitting & Thinking
Muddy Waters Some Winter Dreams
Muddy Waters The Very Shiny Edition
Muddy Waters At Newport live
Muddy Waters Some Winter Dreams
Muddy Waters Honey Bee
Muddy Waters Afternoon Tunes
Muddy Waters Rare Retro Sounds
Muddy Waters Clouds
Muddy Waters Riding Tunes
Muddy Waters Opulent Event
Muddy Waters Everyday Tunes
Muddy Waters Afternoon Tunes
Muddy Waters Riding Tunes
Muddy Waters Pretty Rainbow
Muddy Waters Mysterious
Muddy Waters Color Blocking
N.N. Golden Guitar Dreams
Nabil Relocated
Nat King Cole Picture The Music
Nat King Cole Instrument Of Music
Nat King Cole Reflex
Nat King Cole Feel Freely
Nat King Cole Retro Records
Nat King Cole Auditory Arrangement
Nat King Cole Genuine and Premium
Nat King Cole Different
Nate Turner & His Windy City Blues Band Hard Times
Neil R Wood;Neil Wood Tunnel House Road
Nick Holt You Better Watch Yourself
Nick Holt/Earl Howell/Bonnie Lee;Bonnie Lee;Nick Holt;Earl Howell Classic Chicago Blues
Nightfathers Hand me down my big Boots
Norman Hogue & The IBM Lonely At The Top
Odetta Crowns Collection
Odetta Silver Moonlight
Odetta Different
Odetta Feel Freely
Odetta Opulent Event
Odetta Tea Time Music
Odetta Some Winter Dreams
Odetta A Delicate Dance
Odetta Afternoon Tunes
Odetta Auditory Arrangement
Odetta Spare Time Music
Odetta Teatime With
Odetta New York City Tunes
Odetta Afternoon Tunes
ÖHA! Ziemlich lebendich
ÖHA! Lustig is´ woanders
Otis Rush .Jazz As You Like It
Otto & Der Rausch Sparschweindl-Blues
Otto & Der Rausch Schilcher schiffen im Schilf
Otto Virgial/Robert Petway/Robert Lockwood;Robert Petway;Otto Virgial;Robert Lockwood Mississippi Blues (1935-1951)
Palermo Boogie Gang Anniversary Edition
Papa John Creach Papa Blues
Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers;Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers / Elmore James Broomdusters;Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers / Champion Jack Dupree;Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers / Edgar Blanchard;Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers / Donald 'Silver' Cooks;Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers / Elmore James Mr. Ticket Agent
Papa Lightfoot / Sammy Myers;Sammy Myers;Papa Lightfoot;Papa Lightfoot / Edgar Blanchard;Sammy Myers / Elmore James Bloomdusters;Sammy Myers / Elmore James;Papa Lightfoot / Champion Jack Dupree;Papa Lightfoot / Donald 'Silver' Cooks Love To Stay
Papst Benedikt XVI.;Thomas Dolezal / Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. Stephan;Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. Stephan / Tünde Száboki / Ernst Wally;Papst Benedikt XVI. / Wolfgang Aumann;Benedikt Michal;Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. Stephan;Ernst Wally / Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. Stephan;Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. Stephan / Ernst Wally;Kardinal Christoph Schönborn;Thomas Dolezal;Chor und Orchester der Dommusik St. S Papst Benedikt XVI. im Stephansdom
Parish Hall Parish Hall
Parker Burke / Melanie Blizard / Peter Sparkes Get Your Kitty Claws Off Me
Pat Thomas Beefsteak Blues
Paul Kossof / Black Cat Bones Paul's Blues
Paul Zagler Band Way Down South
Peetie Wheatstraw Peetie Wheatstraw 1934 - 1941
Peggy Lee Gleamy and Glow
Pete Johnson / Meade Lux Lewis / Albert Ammons;Albert Ammons;Meade Lux Lewis;Pete Johnson;Pete Johnso Giants Of Boogie Woogie
Peter Garstenauer Band Ain't That Blues
Peter Garstenauer Band Funny World
Peter Henisch blues plus
Peter Samek Will I Ever Get Back Home
Phil Guy & Lurrie Bell;Lurrie Bell;Phil Guy Chicago's Hottest Guitars: Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 25
Pig'n'aif Pig'n'aif Blue
Pinetop Perkins / Henry Gray / Mose Vinson / Big Joe Duskin / Detroit Jr. Booker T Laury / Others The Story Of Piano Blues - From The Country To The City
Pink Anderson Leisure Time
Pink Anderson Happy Hours
Powersection Mr. Bartender
Powersection Mr. Bartender
Prairie Lizards Love In Vain
Professor Longhair Go To The Mardi Gras
R.L. Burnside Rollin' & Tumblin'
Ramon Pfanner Brösel Blues
Ray Charles Balmy Breeze Vol. 3
Ray Charles Bare Essentials
Ray Charles Beautiful Mood Vol. 4
Ray Charles Breeze Vol. 3
Ray Charles Lightning Vol. 7
Ray Charles Balmy Breeze Vol. 6
Ray Charles Diamonds Forever
Ray Charles Beautiful Mood Vol. 2
Ray Charles Driving Under the Moon
Ray Charles Breeze Vol. 14
Ray Charles Auditory Arrangement
Ray Charles atmospheric Vol. 3
Ray Charles Relax with
Ray Charles Relaxing Collection
Ray Charles Best Sing and Play
Ray Charles What you want me to be
Ray Charles Flowering May
Ray Charles Paris In Love
Ray Charles Big City Sounds
Ray Charles atmospheric Vol. 1
Ray Charles Lightning Vol. 4
Rebeatler RebeatProduct
Reggie Hicks Finally My Destiny
Ripoff Raskolnikov Lenin Street
Robert Ealey You don't Get This Every Day
Robert Ealey;Robert Ealey feat. Coco Montoya Turn out the Lights
Robert Johnson Precious
Robert Johnson Rare Retro Sounds
Robert Johnson Afternoon Tunes
Robert Johnson Pretty Rainbow
Robert Johnson Opulent Event
Robert Johnson Some Winter Dreams
Robert Johnson Mysterious
Robert Johnson Cheerful
Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers
Robert Johnson Queen Of Spades
Robert Lee McCoy Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order 1937 - 1940
Robert Lowery Goin' Away Blues
Robert Lowery Rainin' Down Blues
Robert Pete Williams Free Again (HD Remastered)
Robert Pete Williams Louise
Robert Shaw / Lavada Durst / Whistlin' Alex Moore Giants of Texas Country Blues
Robert Wilkins/ Gus Cannon;Robert Wilkins;Gus Cannon Memphis Blues: Robert Wilkins and Gus Cannon
Robert Wörner Omnibus Blues
Roosevelt Sykes Best Of Blues
Roosevelt Sykes Happy Hours
Roosevelt Sykes Rock it
Roosevelt Sykes Roosevelt Sykes 1929 - 1942
Roosevelt Sykes;St. Louis Jimmy Roosevelt Sykes - West Helena Blues
Roy Hamilton Thing
Rudán Joe's CODA Title: Rudán Joe's CODA - Artist: Rudán Joe's CODA
Sally Acoustic Duo Sally Acoustic Songs
Sam Apple Pie East 17
Sam Cooke Nightbeat
Sammy Price/ Various Artists;Sammy Price Sammy Price and The Blues Singers
Samuel Blues V svojem ritmu 3 Vol. 5
Sancho Sancho - Rolling Home
Savoy Brown;Savoy Brown feat. Hubert Sumlin;Savoy Brown feat. Lonseome Dave Peverett Bring it Home
Saxtribution Worth (Saxophone Cover)
Saxtribution Top Gospel Songs - Vol I
Saxtribution Wanna Be Happy? (Saxophone Cover)
Saxtribution Top Gospel Songs
Seba Alón Sabes tú lo sabes
Sherazade Tamzought Jesus loves you
Shirley Bassey Born To Sing The Blues (HD Remastered)
Sigrun Bankwitz Keltische Wünsche - zum Abschied
Sigrun Bankwitz Irischer Segen-An Irish Blessing
Silas Hogan/Arthut "Guitar" Kelley;Silas Hogan;Arthur 'Guitar' Kelly Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 6
silent sides silent sides : 2012 singles
Sisila Ravinath Kele Malak
Sisters in Voice A Merry Little Christmas
Skip James Today
Skip James/Jack Owens;Jack Owens 50 YEARS Mississippi Blues in Bentonia
Sleepy John Estes Sleepy John Estes
Slooga Burning Shoe
Smiley Lewis I Hear You Knocking
Smilin' Bobby Big Legged Woman
Smith & Harper / Rythm Willie/ George Clarke/ Eddie Kelly´s Washboard Band/ Noah Lewis/ Jed Davenport;Rhythm Willie;Jed Davenport;Eddie Kelly;George Clarke;Noah Lewis Harmonica Blues 1929-1940
Snooky Pryor All My Money Gone Money Gone
Solt Blues Band My Country
Solt Blues Band Feel The Blues
Son House Son House in Seattle 1968
Sonny Boy Nelson;Robert Hill;Mississippi Matilda Sonny Boy Nelson 1936
Sonny Terry Sonny Terry - His Best 21 Songs
Southern Comfort Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort Title: Blues n' Roll - Artist: Southern Comfort
Speckled Red/ Barrel House Buck McFarland;Barrelhouse Buck McFarland Barrel House Piano 1929 - 1938
Stephan Imobersteg & Patina For So Long
Stork Lane Toms Beer Box Blues
Sunnyland Slim / Little Brother Montgomery;Little Brother Montgomery;Little Brother Montgomery / Corky Robertson / "Jump" Jackson;Sunnyland Slim / Corky Robertson / Armund "Jump" Jackson;Sunnyland Slim / Little Brother Montgomery / "Jump" Jackson / Corky Robertson;Little Brother Montgomery / Corky Robertson;Little Brother Montgomery / Jump Jackson / Corky Robertson The La Salle
Tengs-Lengs Lopott szavak
Terry Harmonica Bean Catfish Blues
Texas Bluesmen Texas Bluesmen Live in Berlin 1995
Texas Bluesmen;Texas Bluesmen / Joe Jonas / Mighty Paul Young;Texas Bluesmen / Curly Barefoot Miller;Texas Bluesmen / Robert Ealey Texas Bluesmen
Texas Flood Grinnin' in your face
The Attic o.R. The Attic o.R.
The Gamblers Gig
The Golden Gate Quartet Zion Moan
The Lynn Harmonizers/ Brooklyn Allstars/ The Sons of David/ The Bullock Brothers/ The Lyn Harmonizers/ The Crayton Singers/ The Lords Messengers;The Winds of Harmony;The Lynn Harmonizers;The Bullock Brothers;The Biblicals;The Lords Messengers;The Crayton Singers;The Sons of David;The Brooklyn Allstars The Silver Cross Gospel Story Volume 1
The Medley's Nagykörút
The Offenders Devlish
The Phantoms The Best Of The Phantoms Vol I
The Roach Twins Band Simple Things
The Roach Twins Band Bootleg
The Roach Twins Band Blues From The Cobbles
theDoctor Help Me
Tobacco Road Blues Band Lean Your Head On Me
Tobacco Road Blues Band Don´t Tread On Me
Tobacco Road Blues Band Tobacco Road Blues Band
Tommy Johnson Canned Heat Blues
Tommy McClennan Tommy McClennan 1932-1942
Tommy Tucker Hi-Heel Sneakers
Tony Lee King Ain't No Sunshine
Tony McPhee The Blues and the Beast
Tre' I'm Through With The Blues
Tré & The Blueknights Blues Knock'n Baby
Trenton Cooper The Piano Styles of Trenton Cooper
U. P. Wilson;Tutu Jones Live At Schooner's Dallas
Unding The Bubblefish Situation
Vance Kelly Tell Me Why
Vance Kelly Nobody Has The Power
Vance Kelly Live At Kingston Mines
Vance Kelly Hands Off
Vance Kelly Joyriding In The Subway
Vance Kelly Vance Kelly How Can I Miss You, When You Won`t Leave
Vance Kelly Call Me
Vance Kelly & His Backstreet Blues Band Bluebird
Vance Kelly & His Backstreet Blues Band What Three Old Ladies Can Do
Vance Kelly & His Backstreet Blues Band;Lattimore;Johnny Taylor;B. B. King / Little Milton;Vance Kelly;Z. Z. Hill;Bobby Bland;Marvin Gaye;A. C. Reed;B. B. King Live At Lee's Unleaded Blues
Various Artists;Andy Fernbach;Jo Ann Kelly / Dave Kelly;Jo Ann Kelly / Tony McPhee;Tony McPhee;Jon Ann Kelly;Dave Kelly;Steve Rye;Andy Fernbach / Nick Wiffen;Simon / Steve;Jo Ann Kelly / Bob Hall Me and the Devil
Various Artists;Big Bill Broonzy;Herb Morand / Joshua Altheimer / Big Bill Broonzy / Bill Settles;Buster Bennett / Horace Malcolm / Big Bill Broonzy;Memphis Slim / Big Bill Broonzy / Ransom Knowling;Blind John Davis / Big Bill Broonzy;Buster Bennett / Joshua Altheimer / Big Bill Broonzy;Horace Malcolm / Big Bill Broonzy / Leroy Bachelor / Josephine Kyles;J T Brown / Roosevelt Sykes / Big Bill Broonzy / Willie Dixon;Black Bob / Big Bill Broonzy;Bu WASHBOARD SAM
Various Artists;Big Joe Duskin;Pinetop Perkins;Al Broussard;Henry Townsend;Big Moose Walker;Sunnyland Slim;Eddie Boyd;Robert Shaw;Mose Vinson;Piano Slim;Henry Gray;Booker T. Laury;Jimmy Walker;Charles Brown;Jimmy McCracklin;Little Brother Montgomery Best of Piano Blues
Various Artists;Big Joe Williams;Blind Lemon Jefferson;Bukka White;Charley Patton;Furry Lewis;Tommy Johnson;Blind Blake;Son House;Mississippi John Hurt;Blind Willie McTell;Skip James Giants of Country Blues
Various Artists;Big Moose Walker With Lefty Dizz & His Blues Hounds;Hound Dog Taylor;Liittle Mac Simmons;Lady Jean with Her Swinging Cats;Freddie Hall;Eddie Shaw;Betty Everett With Al Perkins Band;Al Perkins & Band;The Daffodils With Ike Perkins' Band;Liittle Mac Simmons / James Cotton;Ike Perkins & Band Chicago Blues Volume 1
Various Artists;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley;Lionel Hampton;Big Joe Williams / Bob Dylan;Cab Calloway Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 8
Various Artists;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley;Lionel Hampton;Brownie McGhee Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 13
Various Artists;Billie Holiday;Lionel Hampton;Brownie McGhee;T Bone Walker;Billy Lee Riley;Valaida Snow Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 3
Various Artists;Billy Lee Riley;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Sammy Price;Cab Calloway Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 7
Various Artists;Billy Lee Riley;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Sonny Terry;Big Joe Williams;Brownie McGhee Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 4
Various Artists;Billy Lee Riley;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Sonny Terry;Brownie McGhee;Sammy Price;Lonnie Johnson;Cab Calloway;Big Joe Williams;Leadbelly;Arthur Big Boy Crudup;Valaida Snow;Louis Armstromg;T Bone Walker Best of Blues
Various Artists;Brownie McGhee;Sonny Terry;T Bone Walker;Sammy Price;Big Joe Williams;Arthur Big Boy Crudup;Big Bill Broonzy;Lonnie Johnson;Leadbelly Nothing But The Blues
Various Artists;Cab Calloway;Lionel Hampton;Sonny Terry;Billy Lee Riley;Billie Holiday / Billie holiday;Arthur Big Boy Crudup;Billie Holiday;Brownie McGhee Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 14
Various Artists;Chris Thomas;W.W. Woodfolk;Tammy Thomas;Henry Gray;Clarence Edwards;Oscar 'Harp' Davis;Arthur 'Guitar' Kelly;Silas Hogan Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol.1 - Live at Tabby's Blues Box
Various Artists;Dusty Brown;Golden ''Big'' Wheller;Billy Branch;Lester Davenport;Birmingham Jones;Snooky Pryor;Little Mac Simmons;James Cotton Chicago Blues Harmonica
Various Artists;Eddie Taylor Jr.;Larry Taylor;Lovie Lee;George Baze;Foree Superstar Montgomery;Hip Linkchain;Johnny Laws;Lefty Dizz West- and Southside Vol.2
Various Artists;Graham Hines;Jo Ann Kelly;Jim Pitts / John Lewis;Andy Fernbach Connexion;John Lewis;Jo Ann Kelly / Brett Marvin / The Thunderbolts;Brett Marvin / the Thunderbolts;Tony McPhee;Jim James / Raphael Callaghan;Jo Ann Kelly / Tony McPhee;Brett Marvin / The Thunderbolts I asked for Water, but she gave me Gasoline
Various Artists;Helen Humes;T Bone Walker;John Lee Hooker;Memphis Slim;Memphis Slim / Willie Dixon;Shakey Jake / Willie Dixon American Folk & Blues Festival Paris 1962 - Vol. 3
Various Artists;J. Monque'd;Carey Bell;Jerry McCain;Ce Dell Davis;Kid Thomas;Little Arthur Duncan;Martin Lang;James Cotton;Jazz Gillum;Doc Terry;Walter 'Shakey' Horton;George 'Harmonica' Smith;Sonny Boy Williamson;Snooky Pryor;Hermann Alexander;Little Mac Simmons;Billy Branch;Sonny Terry;Oscar Harp The Best Of Harmonica Blues
Various Artists;J. R. Reed;Doc Terry;Piano Slim;Tommy Bankhead;Oliver Sain St. Louis Blues Today
Various Artists;Jaana Lapakko / Henry Lindell / Research staff;Henry Lindell;Pedersöre blues band;Henry Lindell / Sam Hooper;Professors´ chamber ensemble Timespan Henry Lindell
Various Artists;James "Son" Thomas;R.L. Burnside;Boogie Bill Webb;Clyde Maxwell;Cornelius Bright & Jimmy Holmes;Joe Willie Wilkins Giants Of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 2
Various Artists;James Jones;Booba Barnes;Lee Solomon;Barkin' Bill Smith;Jake Dawson Chicago's Best West & South Side Blues Singers Vol.1
Various Artists;Joachim Palden;Peter Kern & Christian Dozzler;Ripoff Raskolnikov;Martin Pyrker;Mojo Blues Band;Sir Oliver's Blues Distillery;Al Cook & Chris Sandera;Dana Gillespie & Joachim Palden;Andy Lee Lang;Hooked on Blues;Peter Gastenauer & Band;Al Cook;Dana Gillespie;Bluespumpn;Hooked On Blues feat. Oliver Humer;The Untouchables;Hans Theessink;Christian Dozzler & Peter Kern Austrian Blues Summit
Various Artists;John Littlejohn;Homesick James;Houston Stackhouse;Johnny B. Moore;Lil' Ed Williams Featuring Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames;Muddy Waters;John Primer;Louis Myers;J. B. Hutto;Honey Boy Edwards;Cub Koda & The House Rockers;Hound Dog Taylor;Eddie Taylor;Maynard Silva & The New Hawks The Best Of Slide Guitar
Various Artists;John Primer;Earl Howell;Nick Holt;Magic Slim;Alabama Jr.Pettis Teardrops Blues Jam: Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 9
Various Artists;Johnn Fuller;Jimmy McCracklin;Big Mama Thorton;Juke Boy Bonner;Jimmy Wilson & The Blues Baster 1950's Okland Blues
Various Artists;Junior Kimbrough;Ranie Burnette;L.V. Conerly;Tommy West;Jessie Mae Hemphill;Jacob Stuckey;Rooselvelt Holts Giants of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 3
Various Artists;Lazy Lester;John Hammond / Duke Robillard;Charlie Musselwhite;Taj Mahal / Duke Robillard;John Lee Hooker / Ry Cooder / Duke Robillard;Duke Robillard;Zakiyah Hooker / Duke Robillard;John Hammond John Lee Hooker & Friends, Live From The House Of Blues, WLUP-FM Broadcast, West Hollywood CA, 30th June 1995 (Remastered)
Various Artists;Lee Jackson;Homesick James;Bobby Davis;William Carter;Bobby Colquitt / String Bean with Charles Band;Earl Hooker;Morris Jones / Betty Everett;Betty Everett;Morris Jones;Harold Tidwell;Willie Milan Chicago Blues Volume 2
Various Artists;Leroy Carr / Scrapper Blackwell;Scrapper Blackwell / Dot Rice;Scrapper Blackwell;Black Bottom McPhail / Scrapper Blackwell Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell
Various Artists;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley;Brownie McGhee;Leadbelly Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 9
Various Artists;Lionel Hampton;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley;Louis Armstromg;Sammy Price Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 11
Various Artists;Lionel Hampton;Billy Lee Riley;Billie Holiday;Brownie McGhee Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 12
Various Artists;Lionel Hampton;Lonnie Johnson;Arthur Big Boy Crudup;Billie Holiday;Billy Lee Riley Best Blues from the 50s Vol. 5
Various Artists;Lurrie Bell;Magic Slim;Michael Coleman;Eddie Clearwater;Johnny B. Moore;Eddie Taylor Jr.;Jimmy Rogers;Otis Rush;u.p.Wilson;Phil Guy;Vance Kelly;Freddie King;Hubert Sumlin;John Primer Blues Guitar Killers
Various Artists;Lynn Harmonizers;Sons of David;Blind John Miller & The Gospel Trio;The Bullock Brothers;Joyce Crayton;Gospel Warriors;House Of Faith Church Of God In Christ Gospel Choir;Mighty Wings Of Zeon;Gospel Echoes The Silver Cross Gospel Story Volume 2
Various Artists;Muddy Waters;Charles Brown;John Brim;John Primer;Vance Kelly;Vaan Shaw;Roosevelt Sykes;Albert King;Maxwell Jimmy Davis;Memphis Minnie;Sonny Boy Williamson;Michael Coleman;Dana Gillespie;Hound Dog Taylor;Jimmy Rogers;Magic Slim;Son House;Larry Garner Wolf Records 20th Anniversary Collection
Various Artists;Plas Johnson / Ray Johnson / Duke Harris / George Jenkins / Sharky Hall The Best Of Plas Johnson
Various Artists;Professor Longhair/Roy Byrd;Clarence Garlow;Louis Jordan;Amos Milburn;The Ventures;The Four Barons;Memphis Slim;Hank Williams;Roy Brown/Dave Bartholomew;Tiny Hill Orchestra;Louis Prima/Keeley Smith;Dave Bartholomew;Fats Domino;Teresa Brewer;The Weavers/Gordon Jenkin's Orchestra;The Mills Brothers;Calvin Boze;The Orioles The Old Blues, Vol. 2
Various Artists;Robert Ealey;Curly 'Barefoot' Miller;Pete Mayes;Joe Hughes;Robin Sylar Texas Blues Party, Vol. 2
Various Artists;Roy Brown;Piano Red;The Orioles;Ivory Joe Hunter;Hank Snow;Hank Williams;Helen Humes;Amos Milburn;Dinah Washington;Larry Darnell;Tiny Bradshaw;Dave Bartholomew;Smiley Lewis;Marilyn Scott;Lefty Frizzel;The Ravens;T-Bone Walker;Fats Domino The Old Blues, Vol. 4
Various Artists;Sam Chatmon;Jessie Mae Hemphill;Mott Willis;Mager Johnson;Eugene Powell;Jack Owens;Son House;Furry Lewis Giants of Country Blues Guitar Vol. 1
Various Artists;Shakey Jake;Memphis Slim;Willie Dixon;John Lee Hooker American Folk & Blues Festival Paris 1962 - Vol. 1
Various Artists;Sleepy John Estes / Robert Lee McCoy;Bukka White / Washboard Sam;Sleepy John Estes / Hammie Nixon;Sleepy John Estes / Hammie Nixon / Son Bonds;Sleepy John Estes / Johnny Harge / Yank Rachel;Sleepy John Estes / Son Bonds;Bukka White;Sleepy John Estes / Jab Jones;Bukka White / Napoleon Heiriston;Sleepy John Estes / Jab Jones / Yank Rachel Tennessee Blues
Various Artists;Sonny Boy Williamson / Yank Rachell / Joe Williams / Elijah Jones / Rachell Williams;Sonny Boy Williamson / Walter Davis / Big Bill Broonzy;Sonny Boy Williamson / Yank Rachell;Sonny Boy Williamson / Joe Williams;Sonny Boy Williamson / Blind John Davis / Big Bill Broonzy / William Mitchell;Sonny Boy Williamson / Blind John Davis / Willie Lacey / Ransom Knowling;Sonny Boy Williamson / Blind John Davis / Big Bill Broonzy / Ransom Kno Sonny Boy Williamson
Various Artists;Sonny Terry / Brownie McGhee;T Bone Walker;Memphis Slim;Helen Humes American Folk & Blues Festival Paris 1962 - Vol. 2
Various Artists;Sonny Terry / Lightnin' / Big Joe / Brownie;Sonny / Brownie;Sonny Terry / Brownie Best of Country Blues Southern Camptown Blues
Various Artists;Stephan Rausch;Al Cook;Al Cook / Reverend Frank TT;Al Cook / Karin Daym / Katie Kern;Al Cook / Sabine Pyrker;Al Cook / Harry Hudson;Al Cook / Siggi Fassl;Al Cook / Chris Peterka;Al Cook / Harry Hudson / Karin Daym / Kathie Kern / Siggi Fassl / Rev. Frank TT / Charlie Lloyd The Birmingham Jam
Various Artists;Stick Mcghee;Smiley Lewis;Trio Los Panchos;Hardrock Gunter;Fats Domino;Joe Liggins;Hank Snow;Dinah Washington;Johnny Otis;Muddy Waters;Dave Bartholomew;Hank Williams;Roy Brown;Dickey Lee;Cap Tans;Professor Longhair;Lowell Fulson;The Johnny Otis Quintette/Little Esther/The Robbins;Patti Page The Old Blues, Vol. 1
Various Artists;Sunnyland Slim;Johnny Shines;Shakey Horton;Willie Dixon Chicago All Stars
Various Artists;Tabby Thomas;Larry Garner;Cora Jefferson;Silas Hogan;Tootsie;Rudi Richard Louisiana Swamp Blues Vol. 5
Various Artists;Tampa Red / Chicago Fire / Black Bob;Tampa Red / Jenny Pope / Georgia Tom Dorsey;Tampa Red / Wlllie B. James;Tampa Red;Tampa Red / Thomas A. Dorsey;Tampa Red / Georgia Tom;Tampa Red / Foster And Harris;Tampa Red / Tampa Red's Hokum Jug Band / Martell Pettiford / Herman Brown / Carl Reid / Frankie Jaxon;Tampa Red / Blind John Davis;Tampa Red / Henry 45 Scott;Tampa Red / Chicago Five / Charlie Idsen / Bill Owsley / Blind John Davis Tampa Red
Various Artists;Tampa Red / Little Johnny Jones / Ransom Knowling / Odie Payne;Tampa Red / Little Johnny Jones / Ransom Knowling / Odie Payne /;Tampa Red / Sonny Boy Wlliamson / Johnnie Jones / Willie Lacey / Ransom Knowling / Odie Payne / Big Walter Horton;Tampa Red / Blind John Davis / Ransom Knowling;Tampa Red / Walter Williams / John Gardner / Blind John Davis / Ransom Knowling / Lawrence "Judge" Riley;Tampa Red / Oett "Sax" Mallars / Bill Ca Tampa Red - KEEP JUMPING
Various Artists;The Vipers;Lonnie Donegan;Tommy Steele/The Steelmen;Guy Mitchell;Huey “Piano” Smith;Johnny Duncan/The Blue Grass Boys;Chris Barber/Ottilie Patterson;Bill Monroe;Jim Dale;Don Lang/His Frantic Five The Best of Blues Classics
Various Artists;Tiny Bradshaw;Hank Williams;Hardrock Gunter;Dinah Washington;The Orioles;Lightnin' Hopkins;Trio Los Panchos;Muddy Waters;Billy Eckstine;Fats Domino;Jimmy Rogers;Roy Brown;Johnny Otis;Lester Flatt/Earl Scruggs;Archibald;Wynonie Harris;The Dominoes;Lowell Fulson;Stick Mcghee The Old Blues, Vol. 3
Various Artists;Walter Allen & E. Jones;Walter Allen;Walter Allen & Ray Charles;Little Scotty;Walter Allen & C. King & G. Goffin;James Cotton;Albert Washington;Otis Rush;Walter Allen & Glover;W. Dixon;Walter Allen & D. Malone Blues Town Story Volume 2
Various Artists;Willie Dixon;Eddie Taylor;Snooky Pryor;Howling Wolf;Homesick James;Louis Myers;Muddy Waters;Detroit Junior Chicago Blues Live Vol. 1
Various Artists;Willie Johnson;Jimmy Lee Robinson;Dave Myers;Mac Thompson;Floyd Jones;Detroit Junior Chicago Blues Legends
Various Artists;Zach Prather;Ian Siegal;Diz Watson;Marques Brothers;Dana Gillespie;Hans Theessink;Eugene Bridges;Larry Garner;Joe Louis Walker;Dino Baptiste/Julien Brunetaud;Papa George;Joe Louis Best Of Mustique Blues
Velvet STEEL Thunderous Rain
Vera Taylor You Better Be Careful
Vienna Blues Affair Fresh
Vienna City Blues Band Play my Blues
Vivian Vance Kelly Hit Me Up
West Thebarton Red or White
Westerburgh & Micaela Bull Dust
Westerburgh & Micaela Good Sad Days
Westerburgh & Micaela Petersson What Happened?
Wille Kent & His Gents The King Of Chicago's West Side Bues
Wille Kent;Little Milton;Bonnie Lee;Buddy Guy;Muddy Waters;Hound Dog Taylor;Willie Kent;Magic Sam;Lowell Fulson;Little Joe Blue;Little Jr. Parker;B. B. King;Little Johnny Christian Live At B.L.U.E.S.
Willie Dixon / Memphis Slim Willie's Blues
Willie Dixon/Chicago Allstars Good Advice
Willie Harris/ Mississippi Bracy/ "Big Road" Webster Taylor/ Arthur Pettis/ The Mississippi Moaner/ Louise Johnson;Louise Johnson;Arthur Pettis;The Mississippi Moane Central Mississippi Blues 1928 - 1935
Willie Kent Everybody Needs Somebody
Willie Mabon I Don't Know
Zappa & The Wild Irish Lasses Folk meets Blues Blind Man Blues
길창훈 보고보고보고
길창훈 / 이정진 보고보고보고