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Baani Dasam Granth

Artist Daler Mehndi
Title Baani Dasam Granth
Release Date 2014-03-13
Genre World > Gurbani
Copyright © DRecords
Country INDIA

Promotion Text

Exceptional& unforgettable album beautifully sung by Daler Mehndi under DRecords

Bani Dasam Granth Sung by Daler Mehndi Bani Dasam Granth - an exceptional and an unforgettable album beautifully composed and sung by Daler Mehndi under the record label of DRecords. Bani Dasam Granth, written in rhymed poetry, consisting of a variety of meters was designed to be heard to hold the attention. The Album is a compilation of 4 shabad’s, written by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Bhai Gurdas Ji whose words are considered as the key to understand Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Each Shabad is composed keeping in mind the meaning of the words. From explaining the art of living through correct wishful thinking in “Deh Shiva Bar’, to the power of the Universal Raja (King) – The Almighty in ‘Rajan Ke Raja”, to the ultimate prayer of a soul that would yield a protection layer in overcoming all obstacles in this world and ahead in “Chaupai Sahib” and then exclamation by a student or a devotee beautifully written by Bhai Gurdas Ji in “Waho Waho” – the Album portrays all the four aspects of a Great Life – 1.Gratitude for the Guru or the teacher who shows you the Path, 2.Positive thinking and Righteous wishing, 3. Acknowledging and praising the Giver, 4. Submission, Surrender and undying Love for the Lord, and the power of Prayers, the shield to absolve the suffering, pain or fear. A great life can be lived by raising one’ s vibrations to the level of the Supreme Being forcing the Universe to burn all the negative blockages creating an aura that is consistently positive. Daler Mehndi Says….. “Such is the grace of Bani of Patshah, the more you sing it, more it glorifies you! I am extremely glad that I have such a great platform and audiences who accepts and loves my music and lap it up as their own, chant along and desire for more. This kind of celebrated glorification is possible only with love and grace. I am blessed! You listen and you too stay blessed. Let us continue this circle of blessings with pure music, energy and vibes.”


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