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Life Support

Artist Little Buddha
Title Life Support
Release Date 2013-06-24
Genre Pop > Adult Contemporary
Copyright © Cell Records

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Life Support

"7/10" (Eddy Temple-Morris, XFM) “Keep the tunes coming! Love it!” (Ally McCrae, BBC Radio 1 & BBC Scotland) "Amazing! Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE... Gonna rave about that. Gonna gush! Expect to hear a lot more from this band" (LA, Reprezent FM) "I like it 'coz it's something completely different... they just want to make music that's cinematic, full of soundscapes, quirky and absolutely brilliant - and they have pulled that off, clearly! This song is called Life Support, it's very unusual and very very cool..." (Alex Baker, Kerrang! Radio) “Like an Ennio Morricone soundtrack performed by Massive Attack!!!” Dominic Diamond

“Imagine if Massive Attack were from Fife!!!!” (Ironworks, Inverness) “the biggest thing to come from Scotland in years....” (Kim Fowley, legend/svengali) Virtual Dystopia: Is it too late to salvage what little there is left of the human in ‘humanity’? It’s just words right? Little Buddha have something to say: "... our song Life Support... What is it about? This is about life and life with technology, mainly cell phones– how these have become like our secondary central nervous system, our blood cells – we cannot exist or coexist without technology. Texting, Emailing, Social Media posturing have become almost vital to our existence in the real world. We can hide behind these technologies and be fake, be whatever or whoever we want to be. E M Forster predicted this Dystopia in his 1909 works “The Machine Stops...” And it’s happening. We don’t talk face to face, we text, we email. We lie to each other – the web is full of lies and we’re deeply tangled up in so much lies and bullshit that we no longer see the human element of humanity. It’s almost as if we’re becoming desensitised, dehumanised and becoming more and more of a series of binary codes. Words just hang in the air – when you stop to think of the amount of information bouncing around from satellites and back to earth, mobile to mobile, email to email, and the viruses... These fucking cancerous viruses damage people, and our interrelationships. Technology itself has become like a virus, a pernicious virus that is destroying our need (and perhaps anaesthetising our desire) to actually communicate – face to face, person to person, mouth to mouth... We are flat-lining. We have lost sight of humanity, of compassion. We have become desensitised to life and emotion, that we live in apathy. We collapse and collide into each other but don’t take time to shake hands or kiss or even stop to smell the flowers and see the beauty in the mundane around us. Life moves at such a fast pace, at twitter pace, with our words limited to 140 characters. We need to remember to breathe... in and out – relax – enjoy life – remember what it was like to really love someone, to love our planet, to love us. We have forgotten how to touch... But sadly, it seems we would cease to exist without our cell phones, our Social Media updates – our lifeblood, our lifeline... and we’re drowning in it. The Machine is now breathing for us, it would seem, and we need to learn to breathe for ourselves...." (Kat McDonald, voice/words, Little Buddha) From deep within their very own imaginarium come the cinematic sounds of Little Buddha. Founded by innovative jazz bassist Grant Tyrie and singer lyricist Kat McDonald, joined by keyboard player FerGus Black and drummer Ian Anderson, Little Buddha have a unique bass and electronics-led sound with an irresistible groove, topped by an alternately soaring yet intimate vocal delivery, hypnotising the listener. Little Buddha have used their self-imposed isolation from the dull and dismal clichés of the mainstream music business to develop a truly unique, sultry, vision and sound, influenced by the likes of Bjork, old-school trip hop, Jaco Pastorius, and the late yet great John Barry. LIFE SUPPORT, the lead single from their forthcoming album ‘The Baader Meinhof Phenomenon’, was co-produced by Joe Foster (creation records)


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